Assignments for 3/30-4/10

McSwain’s Assignments for 3/30-4/10
Please complete Assignments 1 & 2 before April 10, 2020.
1) You have two options for Assignment #1.
      A) Download the PlantSnap app for your phone. Take pictures of at least 5 plants of any type and record the information it gives you.
      B) Hand-sketch at least 5 plants you find around your home/neighborhood. Make sure to include the leaf pattern, shape and vein structure.
2) Use the Plant Cell Structure diagram as a reference, and create your own 3-D Plant Cell. It can be made out of household items, nothing fancy! (I have seen cookies, jell-o, paper clips, socks, play-doh, etc.) Label each organelle in the cell. You may either save it until our first day back to school, or you may take a picture with the project and email it to me at [email protected]. You must be in the photo if you do it this way!
I miss you all, and I know we will see each other soon. Enjoy the time off and take care of business with your school work while we are away.


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